Current Projects

Current projects I’m working on:

Stereoscopic Camera Gimbal

Stereoscopic Gimbal

Stereoscopic Gimbal

This is a 3-axis camera gimbal I’m been working on that is controlled via an Oculus Rift. The gimbal tracking follows the Rift’s head tracking, and sends the stereoscopic video feed to the head-mounted display in real-time. The cameras used are each a PiNoir paired with a Raspberry Pi. The gimbal servos are controlled via PMW channels on a PIC32 processor. The PC software I’m working on captures the dual video feeds and applies barrel distortion before combining them into a single video feed for the Oculus. It also sends the orientation data to the PIC32.

Click Here to learn more. Github link for code.

18″ x 15″ Aluminum 3D Printer

3D Printer in progress

Progress so far on my 3D printer.

I’m working on a fairly large 3D printer from scratch, using primarily Actobotics parts from The frame is made using aluminum channel and tubing. The design for this printer has a stationary printing surface, so the extruder will be able to move in all 3 dimensions. I want to use a PIC32 processor for this project, so I’ll likely be porting one of the many open-source 3D printer firmwares onto this platform.


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Corey Shuman

I'm an Electrical Engineer with a passion for software, drumming, video games, and spicy peppers.

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